Impulso’s Redesign Showcases The Company’s Values Through Its Branding

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Sam George had the task of redesigning and rebranding what was Menos into the now Impulso.

The organization fosters entrepreneurship through programs that are aimed at supporting both small businesses and entrepreneurs. The leaders of Impulso, João and Frederica, wanted their organization's identity to showcase the liveliness, playfulness, and humanity at the company's core. The branding sparks an energetic feeling from within through the powerful color palette of red, orange, and yellow. The simple font choices paired with the striking colors create an outstanding visual balance and extremely captivating designs. This redesign focused on the company's values while still creating these beautiful concepts and works, which is no small feat.

Menos, an organization based in Portugal, reached out last August with a challenge. They wanted to radically change their identity, including their name, to better reflect what they do and who they do it for. Menos, now known as Impulso, is an organization that fosters entrepreneurship through different development programs aimed at supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses. João and Frederica, the organization leads, felt their identity needed to showcase the energy their programs unlock in their entrepreneurs, playfully and humanly. These became the core concepts of their new brand: Energy, Playfulness, and Humanity.

The new identity needed to achieve three core objectives:

1-It needed to be human, energetic, and playful.

2-It needed to showcase the program participants as the 'heros'. The entrepreneurs are the reason Impulso exists, they are key brand ambassadors.

3-It needed to be flexible enough to communicate the organization as a whole but also its three core programs: Ignição (Ignition), Propulsão (Propulsion), and Expansão (Expansion). Each program is aimed at entrepreneurs at different stages of development (Ignition for early-stage businesses, Propulsion for businesses ripe for acceleration, and Expansion for businesses ready to expand)

The proposed solution consists of a symbol made up of three shapes and three colors. Each shape and color is used to communicate one of the three core programs:

1-Yellow Star for Ignição

2-Orange star for Propulsão and3-Red circle for Expansão

The three shapes have different sizes which symbolize the journey of growth of an entrepreneur and when together, convey a pulsating sense of energy.

Putting the spotlight on our diverse group of participants and their experiences was a key aspect of the identity. Tessy Morelli shot our entrepreneurs in a simple and honest manner which allowed for the usage of their portraits throughout the identity.

Some of the project deliverables included:

1. Creative concept

2. Visual identity assets

3. Social media templates

4. Website

The rebrand now positions Impulso as a leader in the entrepreneurship community in Portugal and provides a flexible and powerful communication toolkit for the organization.

Project Credits:

Design and Art Direction: Sam George

Photography: Tessy Morelly

Clients: João Pedro Duarte & Frederica Cerqueira

Typeface: Space Grotesk by Florian Karsten