In Praise of Tempur-Pedic’s Butt-Crack Upgrade

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I’ve always admired Tempur-Pedic — the Kentucky-based manufacturer of high-end mattresses and pillows — for having the guts and the good humor to incorporate a prominent butt crack into the company logo:

Now that Tempur-Pedic has redesigned its logo and kept the butt crack — which crack is arguably the most daring and surprising feature of any mainstream company logo in the history of logos — I admire them even more. They’ve still got the guts, it appears. And they’ve still got the good humor:

Admittedly, the new crack is subtler than the old crack. But I would argue that “subtle butt crack” is — in the world of corporate branding, anyway — an oxymoron. A subtle butt crack is still a butt crack, and butt cracks aren’t subtle visual flourishes.

So kudos to Tempur-Pedic for giving us the crack. And double kudos to Tempur-Pedic for sticking with it. If a braver mainstream company logo than these exists anywhere in the world, I’d love to see it.

(Dear YOKO ONO: If you’re out there, what do you think of these logos?)