Inspired By the 70s, Camp Tin Box Will Take You Back In Time

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Christine Clayton designed the brand identity and strategy for Camp Tin Box, the outdoor family adventure spot in New York’s Adirondack Mountains. Camp Tin Box guarantees a far-out family adventure for all ages, where families unplug and relax the same way campers did back in the 70s.

The branding system highlights the history of the campsite through its 70s inspired characteristics and aesthetic. However, while the typography, graphics, and color palette are inspired by the past, they are also timeless in their own ways, ensuring that this branding system can last forever.

When the new owners of a former Jellystone RV campsite in the Adirondacks acquired the family-friendly property, they knew it was key to update the brand, yet still maintain an experience that felt authentic, relatable, and inviting to the current customer base.

In doing so, there was an opportunity to create a new brand that would be more widely appealing, highlighting the beauty of the surrounding area, the unique history of the property, and the camping adventures that lie ahead.

After some initial research, I discovered that the property did not start off life as a Jellystone property, this hand-off happened later in the 90's. But coincidentally, this camp site was also built in 1969 which happened to be the same year that the Jellystone franchise was founded. This nice bit of synergy meant that we had a natural way to align the new brand messaging and visuals to both the founding of the property and to the founding of the Jellystone franchise. The resulting brand embodies key elements of this early 70’s vibe within the personality and aesthetic. The new name, Camp Tin Box, is a fun, tongue-in-cheek reference to the RV lifestyle (RVers sometimes call themselves 'tin box travelers' and 'tinboxers').

An extensive set of guidelines were developed for the team at Camp Tin Box to ensure the consistency of the brand across all touchpoints. For this project, it was especially critical since these assets would need to extend to such a wide array of assets such as web, social, printed collateral, wayfinding/signage, interior design and gift shop merch.

Project Credits

Brand strategy: Christine Clayton

Brand Identity & Merch Design: Christine Clayton

Creative Direction for Copy and Naming: Christine Clayton

Naming: Katherine Knowles