Invade Design Team Created The Beautiful Branding For Coworking Space Communal

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Working from home has more and more common thanks to the pandemic, and, interestingly, it's sticking around. While some people will continue to work from their kitchen tables, my prediction is that some people will transition to coworking spaces so that they can more easily separate work and life.

Communal is a Medellin-based coworking space that also hosts events and talks. The branding by invade design is based on the simple idea of exchanging ideas, resulting in a branding system that's layered, approachable, and accessible to all.

Communal is a Medellin-based coworking space, as well a space for events and talks around knowledge. A place of interaction between people from different worlds where minds expand and knowledge is created.

The brand’s concept and naming were included in the brief Communal’s creative team sent to us. Thanks to their participation, we defined together that the brand’s vision starts with a simple premise: the exchange of ideas –mindsex–, is the formula that creates a new mentality –mindset–.

The Lovers / the Knowledge

In the other’s mind, we look for what completes ours and vice versa; that’s how love and knowledge work.

This project is for collaborative, bright and curious minds that constantly redefine the way in which they work and learn, letting themselves be seduced by other minds: Mind/Mad Lovers.

Communal is composed of a wordmark, where we captured the concept of infinity through a manifesto:

My mind > your mind > mindsex > mindset > reset > repeat.

And a symbol: two people kissing, which also resemble a single face. This identity is dark and light, with a classic yet sophisticated look. Definitely far from the usual esthetics of collaborative spaces.

Project Credits


invade design team

– Communal creative team – Carolina Alzate, Camila Pardo, David Madrid and Miguel Murillo.

– Photography and video by invade design

– Commercial photography by Rads

– Art direction and production by Catalina Romero

– Architecture by Yemail Arquitectura

– Architecture photography by Alejandro Arango