Jems Is a Playful Condom Brand Disrupting a Man’s World

Posted inBranding & Identity Design

Whenever we come across whimsical condom branding, it’s our duty to cover it. Jems was no exception, with a cotton candy color palette and surrealist illustrations that are equally endearing and confusing.

As an in-house initiative from the Toronto-based design studio Whitman Emorson, Jems is a passion project from the studio’s founders Whitney Geller and Yasemin Emory, positioned as the playful and accessible condom brand and sex education platform for all.

Made from natural latex and 100% silicone lube, Jems condoms were created to keep users safe in more ways than one. The Jems vibe disrupts a hyper-masculine category, promoting modernized beliefs around condoms and expanding notions around sex and sexuality.

You can’t look at the Jems packaging or scroll through their website without feeling warm and fuzzy inside. The rounded forms of the wordmark, supported by ABC Dinamo’s Favorit font and ECAL Typeface’s funky Parabole typeface designed by Dávid Molnár, enforce this light and airy aesthetic, with otherworldly illustrations from Michael the III bringing the brand identity across the wacky-whimsy finish line.

The WE team calls the core brand colors for Jems “alien green” and “electric blue,” chosen for their sense of friendliness with a dash of peculiarity. These colors are also purposefully gender nebulous, reinforcing the brand ethos that Jems is for everyone.

It might not be the sexiest branding you come across in the condom aisle, but Jems will definitely set the tone for a fun romp.