JOW Plays Up Classic Midcentury Kitchen Imagery to Capture the Joy of Food

Posted inBranding & Identity Design

The simple everyday magic of a good kitchen creates a wonderful sense of comfort reminiscent of a good hug. This feeling is strong throughout &Walsh‘s rebrand for JOW, a personal grocery shopping app that helps consumers decide what to cook before delivering the appropriate groceries.

The rebrand exudes the joyful confidence that accompanies an easygoing life, perfectly reflective of an app that helps its users achieve just that. The headline uses a custom typeface that adds a nonchalant, comforting lens, while the palette takes inspiration from colors that frequently splash home kitchens. Checked tablecloths, worn-in aprons, bright yellows, and playful, poppy hues are all warm details that suggest the heart of the home.

The complete brand identity brings to mind the fondest memories of sitting down at a kitchen table and being served a delicious homemade meal. It can be challenging to visually encapsulating such a feeling, but &Walsh has executed it flawlessly.

Jow is a personal grocery shopper at your fingertips. Jow simplifies your day-to-day so you can take back time for yourself and your loved ones. They came to us to explore a rebrand as they moved into the US market (from France). In the rebrand, our goal was to transition Jow from a technology app to a service that can improve your everyday life. We set out to capture the “Joie de Jow”, the exuberant enjoyment of life.

Our creative choices champion the pleasures of food everyday that we share with our family, friends, partners, and pets. We worked across the new brand strategy, messaging, visual identity and custom typography for the brand.

The headline type is a custom modified font with playful ligatures. We created an alternate option of the font with squiggles for more expressive and heartfelt moments.

We retained the JOW orange but supported it with a palette that is both bright and warm. The color choices were inspired by colors that frequent home kitchens.

Imperfect graphic elements (uneven circles and lines) celebrate Jow’s simple outlook on cooking: “We don’t do perfect, we do possible.”

nspired by classic kitchen tablecloths, we created a library of woven patterns that can be used as backgrounds, wallpaper, and frames for photography.