Keating Wheel Company’s Refresh Speaks To The Soul Of The Brand

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Keating Wheel Company was around for decades before closing its doors in the early 20th century. The brand was recently restored and partnered with Hybrid Design, the multidisciplinary graphic design studio based in San Francisco, California, to create an identity system that praises the original company's values.

Through typography filled with personality to colors that evoke a sense of adventure to curated illustrations, Keating Wheel Company's new look speaks to the go-getters and adventurers in a timeless yet effortlessly modern way.

Founded in 1890, Keating Wheel Company was a bicycle manufacturer and engineering powerhouse that thrived before shuttering operations in the early twentieth century. Revived in 2019, the latest incarnation of Keating Wheel Co. honors the original company’s values; quality manufacturing, adventurous spirit, and love of two-wheeled machines. To bring these values to life, we created a brand identity that pays tribute to Keating’s heritage and functions successfully within the contemporary landscape. Handcrafted grit—with a bit of industrial rigidity—for a fully-modern, authentically-inspired, soul-stoking refresh.

Project Credits

Studio: Hybrid Design / Hybrid-Design.comExecutive Creative Direction: Dora Drimalas, Caleb Kozlowski

Creative Direction: Brett Newman

Design: Olivia Ward

Photography: Nick Keating, Ansel Dickey