KFC Unveils a Finger Lickin’ Good Pop-Up Hotel

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No one asked for a KFC-themed hotel, but we’re getting one.

“The House Of Harland,” named after none other than Colonel Sanders himself (his full name was Harland David Sanders), is a pop-up hotel coming to Shoreditch in the UK for 11 nights starting on August 18. Why 11 nights? In honor of KFC’s famous 11 herbs and spices, of course!

Guests will get transported from the King's Cross station in London to the hotel in a black Cadillac called the Colonelmobile, where they will be greeted and attended to by who else but a Chick-In-clerk.

Designed by agency Freuds with production support from Proud Robinson & Partners, the activation features a host of chicken-centric offerings. These include fried chicken decor, “chick-flicks” in the suite’s screening room, a “Hot Winger” arcade game, and the creme de la creme of the stay, a fried chicken concierge service which you can summon via a press-for-chicken button.

The suite can accommodate two adults and is available to book on Hotels.com for £111 a night. Plus, you can rest easy with your belly full of extra crispy fowl and biscuits, knowing that the proceeds of your stay will get donated to the KFC Foundation.