Kolonihagen Focuses Branding On What Really Matters With Help From Goods

Posted inBranding & Identity Design

Goods created the redesign for health food brand Kolonihagen that focuses on flexibility. Because Kolonihagen is known for its organic food delivery service and café, the new branding system is inspired by colorful fruits, vegetables, and flavors found within its wide range of products. The visual design is quite simple, but it’s perfect for a brand that’s focused on the most natural and basic ingredients. 

A fresh rebrand from Goods. No longer happy to just be the largest Norwegian organic brand, Kolonihagen have set themselves ambitious sales and sustainability goals for the coming years. The new identity is a strategic move to appeal to a broad but concious target audience that loves the taste of eating well.

The new visual identity works include brand guidelines, the new website kolonihagen.no and design & art direction for advertising.

Project Credits

Design and Art Direction: Goods
Website development by Maskinen
Advertising communication by Morgenstern Reklamebyrå
Food photography by Tommy Andresen