Koto’s Identity For Yubo Navigates the Razor-Thin Line Between Cheesy and Fit For Teens

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COVID, as we're all very aware, has shifted the way society functions as a whole. As a result, new ideas were developed, and some became more relevant thanks to the changing times and the long days trapped in quarantine.

Yubo is a live streaming platform for the younger generation, aka, THE KIDS, that helps teens connect, make new friends, and learn about new cultures. Not only does the app create a space where anyone can belong, but it allows for a safe space for youngsters to connect with other kids from anywhere in the world, right from the comfort of their own homes.

Yubo recently worked with the global design agency Koto to develop a new branding system that created an identity that’s more approachable, fresher, and something that teenagers would be as proud to use as mom and dad's car on a Friday night. To do so, Koto refined the previous symbol and logo, refreshed the color palette, and created a new graphic system.

The new color suite reflects the vibrant nature of the streaming platform's community and creates a distinct and recognizable palette. While each of the six colors works wonderfully together, they also are distinguishable on their own. The primary yellow hue was chosen to develop a sense of friendliness and positivity, and when joined with the bubbly font, there's no denying that this brand is a welcoming one.

The uber 90s-inspired logo pairs perfectly with the typeface by Pangram Pangram Foundry called Right Grotesk as it's minimalistic yet still has unique characteristics that set it apart.

And while the colors and typefaces do a marvelous job of creating a youthful aesthetic, pairing them with graphic stickers, tags, and illustrations establishes a dynamic personality that makes teens proud to be brand users and allows parents to feel comfortable with their kids on the platform.

For a brand that's on a mission to globally connect teens, they must have an identity that speaks to both the users and their parents. Yubo does just that without crossing the fine line between cheesy and "cool."