KSOUL Studio Has Built An Identity With A Solid Foundation

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KSOUL Studio is a rising architecture and interior practice in Saigon that has worked with M – N Branding Studio to develop a cohesive, minimalistic brand identity. The suite is dynamic and robust, with pops of yellow throughout. While KSOUL's design is minimal, it maximizes on purpose and detail.

Commissioned over 500 projects from residential to famous retail and F&B chains in Vietnam, KSOUL Studio is a rising architecture & interior practice, founded and led by Huỳnh Thế Nguyễn. His firm plays an important role to reshape modern Vietnam shopping streets into hustle and bustle, crowded ones with startups for youngsters.


The charm of this concept started from K in Ksoul, which stands for kinetic. We created a system echoing the flexibility of interior setup and inspired by geometric shapes of drawing plans. While maintaining minimalism within the system, we manage to show how playful and responsive across applications this can be. Adapting into custom K's arms, it turned the logo into a characterful contemporary dynamic symbol rather than a solid one.

Visual System

Contrasting with dynamic geometric graphics, a custom grid system was designed to maintain the root idea and create a meticulous fitting layout for every facet of the brand. Moving away from the usual Vietnam architectural corporate vibe visual system, this combination expresses minimal monochromatic aesthetic while showing the possibility of adapting for various nuances of future projects and collaboration.


Uniform design narrates to the modular idea by displaying blocks from sloper parts in finished shirt through colors.

Project Credits

Design firm M — N Associates

Creative Director Duy — N

Art Director Anh Nguyễn​​​​​​​

Web Designer Anh Nguyễn​​​​​​​

Designer Quân Nguyễn​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Producer Quân Nguyễn​​​​​​​​​​​​​​, Huỳnh Thế Nguyễn

Project Manager M — Lan


Portfolio Photography Wing Chan

Architectural Photography Đỗ Sỹ

Digital Retoucher An Nguyễn


Uniform Design Ksoul Studio