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Leva is a brand with a critical mission: help those with chronic pain live a better life. The brand enlisted the help of branding agency That Thing to support its mission come to life visually. As a result, the identity system is utterly approachable, and Leva’s holistic approach inspires it all. Furthermore, the two sides of the design (soft and disciplined) contrast to create an interesting yet wholly balanced identity. 

Leva is an online clinic with one focus: helping people with persistent pain lead a better life. It’s been founded by specialists drawing on extensive research to create a new treatment model combining physiotherapy, psychology and medication. This unique combined approach needed translating into a brand.

Chronic pain itself is often misunderstood or handled badly. Leva are taking this on with kindness, accessible help, and realistic strategies that can be implemented at home. We helped define and design the Leva brand, design the website and online clinic and create the campaign to launch it all.

Leva’s goal is to help people enjoy more good days. The better they live with pain, the less it dominates their life. It’s a cycle we brought to the forefront.

Our brand is inspired by Leva’s holistic approach. We named the product ​‘360 care’, and broke down their treatment into ​‘Mind, Movement, Meds’. This trio acts as a tool for medical teams to document individually tailored care plans.

We crafted each character of the Leva logo to reflect its triangular approach and every patient’s personal program of physio, medicine and psychology

The Leva approach has two sides: soft and nurturing, accurate and disciplined. We used this unique contrast to create Leva’s design system.

Leva’s caring approach stresses the importance of gradual, gentle change, which we’ve brought to life with warm gradients and diffused auras. Our auras can be used as background textures, holding devices for photography, or as infographics to explain scientific detail in engaging ways.

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