Love & War’s Branded Materials for Chef Daniel Boulud’s Ambitious New Restaurant, Le Pavillon

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Starting July 1, New York City will be 100% reopened and back to its usual bustling self. While it might not be all the way back to normal quite yet, the signs are pointing in that positive direction. So you probably want to go to capital-F fancy restaurant that sports some beautiful design and even better food.

Love and War created the identity, materials, naming, and overall brand for restaurant Le Pavillon. This restaurant is in midtown and features the most state-of-the-art branding, ambiance, and execution.

Le Pavillon’s splashy launch in late May was one of the first major signals that NYC dining was truly back and that the city was open for business. The property’s identity and branding was a collaboration between Love and War and Daniel Boulud’s team at Dinex .

Love & War was brought on board in 2019 to develop the identity, materials, naming, and overall brand. After collaborative exploration between Love & War and Dinex, Chef Boulud came up with the final name – it’s a nod to the French Pavilion restaurant at the 1939 World’s Fair, which gave birth to “Le Pavillon,” an iconic midtown NYC restaurant, which pioneered French cuisine in the United States. Le Pavillon is the first Daniel Boulud property in NYC not to include the chef’s name or initials . They landed on “the architecture of nature” and “sacred light” as organizing concepts -– every asset, from the menus to the flatware, was inspired by natural forms and textures –– the space also includes a flowering garden with trees dividing the glass dining room. Love & War and Dinex cut no corners with the identity and materials for Le Pavillon; they continued to optimistically stay the course throughout the pandemic, designing a property perfectly suited for the glamorous city they knew would spring back