Mad for Macramé

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I am going to talk about what inspires me for my day to day projects and life in general—they all seem to bleed together. (Not much separation between work and play these days. It is almost all full of the good stuff.)

Levi’s and I recently started a project together inspired by macrame, the kind our Moms did in the 60s and 70s but on a grand scale and with massive sailing rope. I hadn’t given it much thought before, but as soon as I did, like most projects I embark on, now can’t stop thinking about it, looking for it, researching it, finding it and MAKING it.

Macramé made easy

I started researching methods, contacting old ladies who had almost all retired from the craft due to jute allergies, and I started “practicing.” Most tips were from YouTube. I am always amazed that almost anything I need to learn is there. had an amazing range of rope (sailing, climbing, crazy color combinations, natural, you get the idea). My small team and I practiced extensively and ended up falling in love with it. We made giant balls of rope, which ended up weighing too much to lift and had to be rolled down the street. We packed them up and sent to the Levi’s stores. These are the final windows, HOORAY!

Clothing display
Clothing display

INJURIES = a couple burns (hot glueing rope balls), 2 chiropractor trips (lifting giant rope repeatedly)


NEW SKILLS = 4 knots (which won’t stick unless I do them again this week)

INSPIRED = stumbling across the mind-blowing artist Orly Genger who transforms nylon climbing rope into monumental sculptures by hand. I am humbled.

Orly Genger