Meet Floresta: Flowers For Flowers

Posted inBranding & Identity Design

A visual play on words that works throughout the product and packaging design is a fun way to create a complete identity system. Designed by Un Barco, Floresta is essentially a floral-inspired ceramics brand created for flowers… also known as cannabis. However, beyond the florals, the entire identity system incorporates visual cues that are evocative of the retro past. Not to mention, the typography alone is full of movement, grit, and nostalgia. A beautiful mix of everything cannabis evokes. 

Floresta is a kit of ceramic pieces for cannabis, inspired by sunflowers and cherry blossoms. Flowers for flowers. The kit contains one pipe, one drying box and one storage box. We created the Floresta´s visual system.

Project Credits:
Ceramics: Eugenia Fernandez Mele

Art Direction: Un Barco

Photography: Lucia Baldi