Mobetterworks x New Balance Collab Pokes Fun At the Corporate World

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Mobetterworks is a brand with products that poke fun of the corporate world, and, recently, the brand worked with New Balance to drop two collaborations. The first was a fashion collaboration, in which the two brands fused their identities of work-related jokes and working out, to create a line that ultimately sold out.

The second drop was a play on how employees couldn’t go on vacation because of the pandemic, and the two brands created shirts surrounding this theme. The graphics for the collaborations are cheeky, with stunning typography and soft colors. If we know one thing, it’s that we’d love to see these brands work together again.

‘Mobetterworks’ and global sports brand ‘New Balance’ had two collaborations in May and June 2021. In the first collaboration, we developed jokes and graphics by parodying work-related words such as Team Walk, Kick-Off, and Home Run under the theme of <WORK & WORK OUT>. Clothes with message were rapidly sold out on <501 WORK-SHOP> festival and the official website of New Balance.​​​​​​​

In the second collaboration <SUMMER JOKE>, we relieved the frustration of workers who couldn’t go on vacation freely in a pandemic situation. T-shirts printed with ‘Mojo’ graphics to enjoy vacation at home, shirts that are good to wear lightly in summer, backpack and caps were produced, and products were sold at 200 stores nationwide.

Mobetterworks Under the slogan “A Little Joke for Free Workers”, Mobetterworks is a brand that tells playful jokes to workers. We suggest a better way of working, both online and offline, across products and contents. Mobetterworks brand story is being released on the Youtube channel ‘MoTV’

MoTV MoTV is a media that records Mobills’s activities and shows our thoughts. It started with the original series <Mochoon the Brand Maker>, which contains the process of launching the brand “Mobetterworks”. MoTV expanded its content to the <Real Advice> series and <Nu-Branding> series, and had a fandom called Mozzang-e. As of Aug 2021, it has attracted 56K subscribers and has become a Youtube channel for workers.

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