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Its likely I’m risking my editorial street cred (if I ever had any?) here, and this post may be seen as a HUGE self-promotion, but I think there’s a bigger issue here.

Last month, the in-house design team (of which I am a part) at The Museum of Modern Art in New York launched a portfolio website of our work. It was met with mostly positive responses surprising those of us who thought this would provoke a bit of debate. Namely, should an in-house team have a portfolio?

It sounds strange as a concept: a portfolio site for an in-house team. We are not looking for new business and we risk colliding with the overall goals of the Museum. But still we did it, why not!?

I suppose there are a lot of reasons an in-house design team would not isolate its work from its “house” so as to promote its designers specifically. I look forward to hearing these reasons in the comments below. But still, we hope this website serves as inspiration to in-house designers feeling anonymous within their larger entities. Make yourself seen!

All credit goes to our designers, please see the about section!

Also, from Print‘s June issue, An Interview with Paola Antonelli, senior curator in the Architecture and Design department at the Museum of Modern Art

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