Monga’s Identity for Indie Band Mansim is a Sanctuary of Warmth

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Sound is one of the traditional five senses, but fusing sound with the sense of sight is no simple feat. Monga Design, however, has fused the two seamlessly in design for the indie band Mansim. Through ethereal colors and a celestial font, the visual identity for this indie band allows music lovers to absorb themselves in a world of deeper thoughts, soft feelings, and sensations beyond everyday perceptions. From the apparel designs to the album covers to the logo itself, this identity will spontaneously make you soften your jaw and ease your shoulders, immersed into a world where everything seems a little bit lighter.

Visual identity made for the independent band Mansim. The band’s goal is to provide an experience of refuge and warmth, inviting people to immerse themselves in sensations, feelings, thoughts and reflections – the weight of the lyrics comes as a surprise element. Our challenge was to represent that visually.

Project Credit

Monga Design

Mateus Yuzo

Michel Refatti