Moon Dawgy is the Ultimate Intergalactic Hot Dog Stand (in Denver)

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Grab on to your hot dogs because Moon Dawgy is taking us to higher places. With branding and identity designed by Parsons Branding, Moon Dawgy is a brand with wit, charm, and character in ways we've not seen before. These gourmet hot dogs (from space) can be found in beloved Denver, Colorado. It's clear that this brand knows how to have fun and isn't afraid of pushing the limits and making a statement.

The playful tone of voice is highlighted through bright colors, whimsical patterns, and typography that's fun enough for the people of Denver. I'm not even a big hot dog lover, but I've converted into a full-on hot dog addict after looking at this branding.

We have lift off! This time last year we created the identity for Moondawgy – a hotdog destination that seeks to land people in the moment. This April, Moondawgy is ready to start serving up their top dawgs in Denver, CO.

Moondawgy lives with relish – a moreish, piquant mouth full of nostalgia that inspires us to experience something new, take it slow and indulge in the simple pleasures. Through playful type, tone of voice and colour we connected the past to present – then to that we added moonfolk illustrations and graphic elements to throw the identity into the beyond.

For this fast casual hotdog brand, it is all about repackaging nostalgia into the future for people that crave soul fuel. Our visualization of this retrofuture food stop took the best parts of surf, space, the past and transported them into an alternative dimension – that outer space, their Moondawgy.

Now we just need to figure out how to get from Ireland to Denver – man we’re hungry!

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