MOTH Brings The Hotel Bar Vibe In A Can With A Little Op Art

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Ask any bartenders what classic cocktails they can make blindfolded with one arm tied behind their back, and there’s a solid chance they mention the margarita, old fashioned, negroni, and an espresso martini.

These four libations have firmly tested time and endured beyond their inception and waves of hyped-up popularity. For the weary cocktail connoisseur, a test of a decent hotel bar comes down to the execution of one of these timeless drinks. Well, that hotel bar experience is what Ready-To-Drink (RTD) brand Moth is aiming to reach.

The upstart enlisted Pentagram to provide an identity for the new RTD brand. Rejecting the snobbery cocktail culture can sometimes be barnacled with, the agency focused on a casual sophistication. Think somewhere between getting crunked on 4Loko and pretentious hipster mixology. The moth is a reflection of that attitude, a butterfly of the night that's intriguing and drawn to porch lights. The brand wants to celebrate those adventurous even enough to delve beyond the superficial.

Every cocktail in MOTH’s range has a signature color, just as it has a signature spirit and taste (and goofy paired experience). Black-and-white geometric op-art patterns mimic the flutter of a moth’s wings partially illuminated in one’s peripheral sight across the range. Abstract, classy, and a little boozy, the round, square, and contrasting patterns are both detached and direct, like a night out celebrating a big sale or partying on the corporate AMEX at a trade show.

Currently, you can find MOTH cans and at UK retailer Waitrose. Approach with caution as you probably don't want to get dizzy.