Moto Redefines the Travel Rest Stop Experience With Identity Overhaul From BrandOpus

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How many motorway service station operators can say their goal is to trigger smiles and succeed in doing so? Not many. With help from branding agency BrandOpus, the UK’s Moto Hospitality Ltd‘s new branding system features all the white space galore. When paired with a quaint yellow smile motif, it’s clear the company promotes the freedom to breathe and feel instantly calmer. Additionally, the colors are inspired by the outdoors, a genuinely effective choice. 

Moto Hospitality Ltd, the UK’s largest motorway service station operator, has unveiled an identity to trigger smiles, in a move to transform the UK’s rest stop experience. The complete brand overhaul, supported by global branding agency BrandOpus, features a new brand strategy, visual identity, brand world, comms, wayfinding and spatial design. 

Following a comprehensive 360-degree customer review, the BrandOpus team was brought in to define the new identity at the heart of the strategy and ensure the extensive shift was reflected in the branding. It comes at the same time as the new Rugby flagship site, which features modern amenities, children’s indoor play areas, leading high street retail and catering brands, as well as Tesla and Gridserve ‘ultra-rapid’ electric vehicle charging points – making it the largest ultra-fast charging site on UK motorways. 

The visual overhaul marks a significant shift in the motorway service station category, which have had a long-standing reputation for being functional and sedate. The new work aims to flip the switch by driving feeling over function – engaging customers on a much more emotional level – to ensure the motorway service station provider becomes an active choice for resting and relaxing first. 

At the heart of the rebrand is the Moto ‘Smile’ – a warm and inviting symbol for the welcoming and hassle-free experience the brand offers. 

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