Mucho Inspires You To Get Lost in Art

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Piedmont is a city in California named after the Piedmont region in Italy which means "foothill." Surrounded by the city of Oakland, California's Piedmont is a small, community-based town with a population of roughly 10,000 people.

Each year, the town celebrates its local artists through the Piedmont Art Walk. This year's identity, designed by Mucho, features rich typography through the movement of the word "art." It's quirky, entertaining, and perfect for all ages—I mean, just look at that walking A, would you?

Piedmont Art Walk is an annual event celebrating the rich diversity of artists living in Piedmont, California. Sidewalks, gardens and front lawns across the city are transformed into walkable outdoor exhibits for one day only, attracting families and art-lovers far and wide. The identity is designed to reflect the community-oriented nature of the event. The symbol transforms the word ‘Art’ into a walking character and manifests itself in fun ways.

The identity also features pathway inspired typography and playful copy lines. The event saw a huge boost in participants, volunteers and visitors and raised $17,500 for art programs in Piedmont public schools. Most importantly over 100 red lollipops were given out to the children who collected stamps on the art walk. Many families thanked us as this was the only way they could get the kids out of the house to walk up and down hills, looking at art on a hot Spring day.

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