N26 Mobile Bank Puts A Design-Forward Experience Into The Hands Of Consumers

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One might not necessarily consider stunning designs when it comes to mobile banking, but thanks to N26, that might change. Utilizing a clean, modern typeface for the logo, along with ample negative space that conveys a luxurious brand feel, N26 makes a beautiful case for stylish banking.

The concepts the bank is working on: Peace of mind, Travel, and Partners Access are conveyed through beautiful imagery of metals displayed in surreal settings. The images are stunning in their intention and will stay in a consumer’s mind long after they’ve closed their banking app.

N26 is a mobile Bank with a clean aesthetic and sharp visua1 identity. In early 2020 they contacted us to create three small videos representing the next concepts: Peace of mind, Travel and Partners Access. Highlighting the three Metal products available at the moment: Slates, Quartz Rose and Charcoal.

During the lockdown in Spain, we had the pleasure to work on many projects in a situation we weren’t used to. Fortunately, this project turned into this exceptional experience as one of the funniest and calmest processes we have done. And this is shown in the result of these pieces we feel proud to share.

Below, you’ll find a collection of images taken from the Design process in addition to the main Hero piece we delivered to the client. We hope you’ll like them as we do.


A project by Six N. Five Films for N26.

Creative Direction: Six N. Five

Animation: Sebastian Baptista, Valery Polehenky, Joan Guasch.

Simulation: Valery Polehensky, Ferran Sellarès, Joan Guasch.

Design: Ezequiel Pini, Joan Garcia Pons, Evaldas Cesnavicius, Joan Guasch, Valery Polehenky, Simon Kaempfer.

Sound Design: Aimar Molero