Nika Offenbac Branding Balances Simplicity and Zestiness

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Creative Director Candace Buchanan designed the brand identity for Nika Offenbac, an artist who needed branding to keep up with her multi-talented background. While the primary colors are neutral and understated, the accent colors bring a pop of life into the identity. The simplicity of the designs drew us in, and the zesty undertones kept us wanting more.

Nika Offenbac is a multi-disciplined artist within film, TV, and all manner of digital, experiential, and animated content. It was imperative that her logo and brand reveal her point of view and energetic sensibilities. This exploration starts there and identifies opportunities to connect across all experiences and touchpoints.

Project Credits:

Creative Director, designer: Candace Buchanan

Client: Nika Offenbac

Project Manager: Debbie White