No Horsing Around Here; Groupe Cheval Gets a New Identity

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Bonjour, are you ready for a French lesson?

"Cheval" means "horse" in French.

Graphéine designed the new branding identity for Groupe CHEVAL, the first construction group in France to obtain the rank of a public benefit corporation. The new identity focuses on minimalist design with nods to horses' dexterity and vigor. The black, red, and grey tones are seen throughout play into the intensity behind the brand and create a sense of powerfulness. The design is minimal yet bold, perfect for a company focused on building quality structures.

Groupe CHEVAL changes its visual identity. A new brand image for the first public benefit corporation in the French construction sector

On 16 December 2020, Groupe CHEVAL became the first construction company in France to acquire the status of a public benefit corporation. Their new tagline "committed land developers" embodies the Group's raison d'être. Groupe CHEVAL is a collective of localized companies. The mission of its employees is to work towards a better future. Their ambition is to develop territories sustainably and to contribute to the ecological transition.The previous logo represented the road infrastructure, but the ideas of environment, landscape, and biodiversity preservation were absent. In order to be in line with the group's vision and purpose, Graphéine helped Groupe CHEVAL to transform its logotype and graphic guidelines

A strong and smart new emblem with meaning

By analysing the logos of competing construction companies, we found that the majority of their emblems use a pure, simple form with a flat colour treatment. There is no embellishment or layering in these symbols in order to avoid complexity.The redesign of the logo retains the idea of a dynamic "C" letterform, while removing the "horseshoe" resemblance and replacing it with a more fluid and aerodynamic design. Its shape evokes the lightness of a waving ribbon. By cleverly stylizing the terminal of the letter "C" we created a minimalist rendering of a horse's head. This horse head is a subtle nod to the company name (Cheval meaning ‘Horse’ in french). It also acts as the spirit animal of the brand, embodying dynamism and agility.The highly minimalist design of the horse's silhouette is intended to be ambiguous. The horse silhouette might be more or less identifiable depending on who you talk to. This ambiguity adds to the intrigue of the symbol and works to hold the viewer’s attention.

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