Brazil’s NORD Design Imagines a Playfully Retro Cocktail Bar

Posted inBranding & Identity Design

In this design, Brazil-based studio NORD Design imagines a vibrant, retro cocktail bar called Olga Pub. Its pink and green color palette suggests creative cocktails, a sophisticated atmosphere, and festive spirits in more ways than one. The lively hues and playfully psychedelic typeface work seamlessly to emit an ambiance representative of Brazil’s vibrant culture.

Olga is a drinks bar that, in addition to mixing influence and flavor, has roots in the cocktail culture, always curious and experimental, ready to provide new experiences for lovers of modern drinks.The brand was inspired by the fusion and orchestrated distortions of drinks, the influence and style of centuries, with elements of refinement balanced by a verbal language that reflects the spirit of the brand for the new generations.

Project Credits
NORD Design
Pamela Picoli