Oloo Bar’s Wild, Colorful Imagery Adds Even More Fun to Going Out

Posted inBranding & Identity Design

Just one look at the brand identity for Brazil’s Oloo Bar makes it look like the most fun night out ever. Local agency Lasca Studio adds plenty of extra flair to this hot spot with poppy illustrations, colors, and fonts straight out of a mid-century tiki bar. Bright Crayola hues bring an extra punch to already wildly appealing fare like glittery drinks, Ring Pop swizzle sticks, and a wax-candy-inspired drink that looks like a cellphone (!!). Their logo’s bold, vivacious typeface and laughing childlike mascot might make you ask yourself: when’s the last time you had that much fun going out? And why don’t more places look like this?

If you’re in Brazil, go have an aspirational good time at Oloo Bar and make us all jealous.