‘Paperboy’ Is Your Beautifully Curated Guide To Good News

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One of the aspects of Paperboy that makes it phenomenal is the story of its making.

David McKendrick started the magazine through conversations with friends that shed light on the fact that young designers are graduating into one of the most challenging job markest in the history of, well, ever. Paperboy works with highly renowned writers, photographers, and artist and also talented high school students and undergraduates that are in pursuit of opportunity.

Paperboy is the deliverer of good news through fun, cheerful, and valuable pockets of information. There are articles of all the good things from 2020, gorgeous photography by Julien Martinez Leclerc, art created by the ever-talented Sophie Smallhorn, and much more to be discovered. This magazine is more than just that; it's a beautiful and joyous guide to inspiration.

PAPERBOY, delivering only good news since 2021.

PAPERBOY is fun, lighthearted, and most of all, useful. It comes in a convenient format that you can roll up and stick in your pocket. It has been designed to be read and used and the overall idea is to lighten up the reader’s day.

It is for women and men, it has words and pictures.

As well as extremely accomplished, world renowned writers, photographers and artists, PAPERBOY will be recruiting a select group of high school kids and undergraduates, who have talent but need a break, and in turn will give a young person the opportunity to get published.

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