Peak 365 Blends The Worlds Of Design And Health

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With the help of The Branding People, Peak 365 has masterminded a way to blend minimalistic design with science and medicine. The health industry is known for its lackluster packaging, but this vitamin company proves that just because something is in the health world doesn't mean that it has to lack in the design world.

Peak 365's branding identity features a minimalistic design with a prominent mint green color story. Each color within the branding is built upon a color code representing the different qualities of the product. For example, the bone health vitamin is coded with a light shade of yellow. This design system is sleek and straightforward, just what you want when you're taking your daily dose of vitamins first thing in the morning.

Peak 365 are high-end vitamins and supplements based on over 35 years of scientific research. The brand was made by Dr. Michael Seidman who created these while getting his degrees in medicine and nutrition. The goal was to generate the most science-based supplements in the market. Naturally, tbpmx created a graphic universe that portrays the backstory of this brand, while expressing the inevitable relationship between science and health. Peak 365 is now based on a clean visual universe that reflects the brand's expertise and clarifies the quality of its ingredients. A color code system was built to identity their different products. The packaging was designed with a minimalist mindset that prioritizes the name of the product and taglines while co-existing with the color codings and complementary information. A graphic system composed of assets that support the communication of each of the products was created to achieve a complete branding.

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