Peak Social Tonics: A Little Can Of Culture Shock

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A social drink without a hangover sounds like a thing of the future, but Peak is proving that you can have a good time without the next day being destroyed. Their branding system designed by Belu is playful, irreverent, and bright. The copy by Apostrophe makes you think and wonder how this brand can change your life. Plus, the vibrant color system used throughout? Drool-worthy.

Peak has set out to challenge the drinking culture and pioneer a new and healthier way to socialise. With this in mind, the brand was designed to be daring, empowering and exciting. The playful colour palette was inspired by the natural ingredients of the drinks, while the shapes represent the way Peak makes you feel—whether that be balanced, energised, or simply in control. These were paired with illustrations that embody what the Peak culture is all about — a brand that’s not afraid to be different.

Project Credits

Belu |

Branding and Packaging design: Belu

Words: Apostrophe

Illustrations: Oscar Torres

Product shots: Andrew Wilson and Josh Harvey

Packaging Production: Porter Packaging