Perfumery Daisy Smells Of Successful Branding

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When a brand combines passion and sweetness into a perfectly eclectic mish-mosh of the two, excitement levels reach an all-time high. Daisy, a distillery and perfumery based in Sydney, Australia, worked with the ever-popular designer Nick Barclay . Together, they've achieved a branding system through a logo, color pallet, typography, imagery, and iconography that exudes a retro hint of sexiness that will leave you feeling as fresh as a daisy.

Daisy a Bar – Distillery & Perfumery based in Sydney.

I was asked Daisy to create a logo, Colour pallet , Typography, Image style and Iconography.

Daisy is aimed at 20 – 40yr olds, they wanted a brand that was young cool and had punch so I used simple strong typography with a mixture of retro, art, fashion photography along with geometric shapes to represent 4 of the 5 senses. The idea is for the colour pallet to evolve over time as they introduce more products but the bold contrasting theme will stay and pink and orange will be the primary pallet that is used throughout social and digital.

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Nick Barclay