PicsArt Academy Branding

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PicsArt Academy Branding

The branding for PicsArt Academy is an invitation to an entertaining, educational experience in information technology. The logo’s distinct 3-D elements allow it to boldly jump out from the white, graph paper-inspired background.

The circular sticker elements and pops of color are a visual reminder that while PicsArt Academy is focused on education, they also understand that having a little fun helps lessons stick.

PicsArt Academy educates quality specialists with a brighter future and a more valuable career path ahead of them, in the field of information technology. In PicsArt, we believe that education is the key to success in your career! With hard work and passion for learning more, one can become a demanded specialist. And PicsArt Academy provides that opportunity by educating quality specialists!

The colors remained the same as the main PicsArt brand colors. So are the fonts. I used Museo Sans for the PICSART and Museo Sans Display for the ACADEMY. Also, I've added Quiche Sans font to highlight and make things awesome.

The stylistic approach is a bit different, though. It's all about papers and stickers. When I was studying at the university, I used to fold papers during the sessions, especially when I was getting bored. This project was a fun brain exercise as I tried to recreate some of the shapes I did a lot of time ago. I wanted to bring back studenthood experiences: paper, cells, stickers, pins, and a lot of awesomeness.

Credits: Designed by Anoosh Babayan, Design Lead, PicaArt