Play Studio Designs Mindful Illustrations For Google’s SIYLI Organization

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Play Studio created a set of friendly icons and illustrations for Google's SIYLI organization.

Taking cues from Google's established brand colors (red, yellow, blue, and green), these simple yet intriguing designs bring to life SIYLI's purposeful impact to promote sustainable well-being and motivation for individuals and organizations.

Technical skills can often be taught, but for people to fully ascend to their potential, the mind has to be stable, in a sense of wellbeing, and leadership skills rarely taught academically. Google's suite of programs aimed at creating better professional and personal lives. SIYLI uses approachable and humanistic icons and illustrations to communicate useful information.

Originally developed at Google, SIYLI programs teach practical mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and leadership tools to help people unlock their full potential at work and in life. We revealed their own brand’s potential through a visual system full of friendly, humanistic illustrations and iconography.

Agency: Play Studio