Poesia’m Explores The Contagious Aspect Of Poetry

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Poetry has an unnatural ability to make you feel something deeply. Whether it's emotions surrounding love or loneliness, you're always left with a more profound thought process or an internal mood change. Poesia'm is a poetic festival with the intention of exploring how poetry can affect you. The branding identity is mysterious and sublime, with images that make you feel as deeply as words make you think. The primary green color was a thoughtful choice as it exudes a combination of a sense of natural purpose with bright whimsy.

Poesia'm. Poetry heals you, excites you, incites you, amuses you, satisfies you, captivates you… All these verbs are implicit in the action of poetizing, both one person to another, as well as oneself.​​​​​​​ We create a series of scenes that convey these actions and how poetry is contagious and affects you.

Project Credits

​​​​​​​Creative Direction Bakoom Studio | @bakoom_studio + La Rectoria | @larectoria.tv

Directed By Fran Bacardit

Script Bakoom Studio

Graphic Design Bakoom Studio

Sound Design Anna Tapia & Pol Magdaleno

Director of Photography Ari Oña

Camera Op. Arnau Vilà

Producer Dani Malgosa

Art Direction Anna Romero

Edited By Jan Malgosa