Power To Your Pits: The Branding System Everyone Is Fussing Over

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Starting with stickers as a graphical starting point, Deodorant brand Fussy and design team Two Times Elliott worked together to create a branding identity that showcases what truly matters. The result is a visual system that’s approachable and creative while displaying the brand’s confident and more sustainable approach. Plus, the vibrant color palette will speak to anyone from GenZ-ers to Baby Boomers and everyone in between.

Fussy, the plant-powered refillable deodorant was the brainchild of ex-advertising duo, Eddie Fisher and Matt Kennedy. They wanted to use their creativity for good by giving the single-use plastic the flick, and they started with more sustainable self-care.

The ethos was to be fussy about everything, however the approach itself needed to be a delicate balance between ‘asking people to be fussier’ and ‘being fussy for them’.

Strategically the Two Times Elliott design team worked with ‘fussy for you’ and ‘fussy about the right things’ as the hero essences, and sub-statements like ‘eco-warrior’, ‘power to your pits’ and ‘you smell like a hero’ to make the customer feel like they were doing the best for their pits and the planet. This was also a way to help customers be an eco-warrior with less of the hard work and to remove decision fatigue by ensuring there was a confidence in Fussy’s approach to their product design and production.

Whilst Fussy didn’t want to be preachy, ultimately they were going to be the mouth piece for sustainability, single-use plastic and natural formulas. They needed to be able to speak about what they were doing and encourage change without putting customers offside. 

Conceptually the team worked with stickers as a graphic starting point. Stickers were historically used to ‘spread the word’. Therefore they become the vehicle for Fussy’s voice without losing a sense of play and lightness. 

Structurally we made sure that when the product or the process was on show the imagery was more curated to indicate the care that goes on behind the scenes, and when the community was at the forefront it was more expressive ensuring that the consumer never felt oppressed by any possible negative connotations around the traditional meaning of the word fussy.

The result: Fussy takes the load off people’s shoulders so they can simply ‘be’ instead of being forced to ‘act’. This shift of focus allows Fussy to become a broadcasting entity, a curator, a source of content to share what really matters to their community.

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