ANYDAY for John Lewis & Partners By Harry Pearce and Pentagram is Artfully Bold

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Talk about a confident color palette combined with an even more bold typeface.

Harry Pearce and the Pentagram team designed the impactful brand identity for ANYDAY, a new product range by John Lewis & Partners. The stencil logo is a new version of the already existing typeface for John Lewis & Partners and is surprisingly used throughout the branding system from packaging to signage. The bright orange also adds an unexpected twist to a solid system making for a direct yet artistic approach.

ANYDAY is a new own-brand range of products created by John Lewis & Partners. Consisting of unique, trend-driven products that are designed and made with care, the range features the same quality that customers expect from John Lewis & Partners, but at everyday, affordable prices.

Aimed at customers who want to make a rental feel more like home, get a nursery ready for a new arrival or furnish a first home, the range launches with 2,400 pieces and focuses primarily on products for the home and nursery, childrenswear and small electrical items.

Building on the brand identity created for The John Lewis Partnership, Harry Pearce and team created the ANYDAY name and its bold brand identity to reflect the new range’s affordability, optimism, and energy.

The ANYDAY stencil logo is a re-drawn version of the existing bespoke typeface Gill Sans Nova for JL. Upbeat and authentic, it is inspired by the handmade look and feel of packing cases and street market displays. The logo can be used in two ways, as a standard lock-up or as an overlay.

The standard lock-up’s single colour allows it to be used effectively over imagery and lends itself well to applications such as die-cutting and embossing. When used at scale, the logo has impact and clarity over complex backdrops such as the store window, and can also be cropped and abstracted to create maximum impact in-store.

Echoing the stencil vernacular, the overlay version of the logotype has the John Lewis & Partners logotype printed directly on top of the ANYDAY stencil logo. This unexpected juxtaposition allows for large scale, expressive use of the combined mark across many different applications, from packaging to signage and display.

Gill Sans Nova for John Lewis is used across the ANYDAY identity in two key weights, Semibold and Medium. The design team also created a full stencil headline alphabet and numerals for the pricing system from Gill Sans to work alongside the primary typeface.

The confident colour palette uses bright orange alongside black and white, which is combined with a bold graphic and utilitarian approach to the packaging. Larger items display their content with illustrated silhouettes of the products appearing on the sides of the box. Product descriptions are then placed over the images, suggestive of the screen printing aesthetic of the logotype. Emphasising practicality and simplicity, product photography is straightforward and not over-styled, with cut-out images on white backgrounds.

Scale plays a vital part of the design system, with the approach to the packaging translating directly into point-of-sale and dramatic use of all the elements, echoing the look of packing crates in marketplaces. The packaging itself has been carefully designed to use as little material as possible and incorporates stickers and paper sleeves, as well as open sections to reveal the product inside.

John Lewis is a customer-focused business with a mission to help everyone shop and spend well, and ANYDAY offers its customers a highly desirable range of products that don’t require any compromise on style or quality. Its new brand identity conveys this perfectly, conveying the idea of ‘value’ with pride and graphic joy.

Pippa Wicks, Partner & Executive Director at John Lewis & Partners adds: “This launch is a return to our commitment to offer great value for money, but it’s also an exciting opportunity to build on our own brand strengths and supercharge them for the future.”

Pentagram has created a confident brand identity for ANYDAY, which, although quite different in its visual approach, is still an unmistakable part of the John Lewis & Partners brand family.

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