CHUTANG Brings The Syrup Industry A Sweet And Sophisticated Branding Identity

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The different patterns found on each bottle of CHUTANG syrup play on the features of the flavors. Impact features two orbs colliding, Ripple showcases the most beautiful after-effect of a single droplet, and Sunset features an intricate line drawing of a sun on the horizon. The branding designed by MIDNIGHT DESIGN is regal, sophisticated, and takes the syrup standards to a more artisan and handcrafted level.

If I had these syrups in my house, I'd most definitely have waffles and pancakes on a daily rotation just to have an excuse to keep these beautiful bottles out.

CHUTANG is a brand of flavored syrup developed by the City Explorer team. It takes the unique flavor of spices from Chinese herbal medicine and introduces them into everyday condiments in the form of 'herbs', creating a new feast for the taste buds. Syrup plays an important role as a condiment, and the moment it is sprinkled on a dish, it can bring together a variety of flavors. Therefore, using the theme of 'Intersect' as the core of the concept, three main visuals 'Impact', 'Ripple' and 'Sunset' have been designed to correspond to the characteristics of the different flavors themselves. The visual layout is divided into three information areas using a grid system and repositioned in the right place. The use of high saturated colors to present the visuals breaks away from the established impression of the same competing products and leads the visual experience to a higher level of atmosphere.

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