G8 Identity Is Created By Creatives, For Creatives

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G8 is a project designed for the creative community also designed by the creative community-based in Russia. This year the design is created by Roma Erohnovich based around a generative pattern created by the designer and coder Vlad Aldokhin and is used throughout the creative identity. This branding system proves that art and creative thinking can push boundaries, can be ironic, and include inspiration from modern technologies. This year's design elements go beyond the norm and certainly create space for unexpected design twists and details.

G8 identity: the creative community manifesto

G8 is a project for the creative community created by the creative community. G8 is a highlight on the market of creative industries in Russia: in terms of the vibe and communication tactics, this is more a punk performance than a conference, meetup, or competition. The event opposes several well-established rules: high rates for case submission, standard event schemes, the selection of speakers. The festival team invites designers and allows complete freedom of creating the project's identity and building a visual language.In September 2021, the G8 will be held for the fifth time. Roma Erohnovich was the author of its visual language with a manifesto about what a modern creative community should be. That creativity is always new and crazy, it has a place for self-irony, modern technologies, and visual aesthetics. The identity of G8XXI is about the fact that creativity has solved problems in the past and that sometimes you have to stick corn up your nose to go beyond the zone of usual solutions.

Every year the festival announces a key topic. In 2021, speakers will talk about releases and new projects, present products, and give advice. In visual communication, we use metaphors to imagine the general topic of releases as generative patterns that show how ideas are polished into projects that create our lives. A generative pattern was created in processing by the designer and creative coder Vlad Aldokhin and is used statically or dynamically for the automated creation of layouts in the Matik app.

Based on the principles and visual tools, the application generates layouts for communication in SMM and creates dynamic generative patterns for video design.

Project Credits


Roma Erohnovich: Consept, Art-direction, Design

​​​​​​​Vlad Aldokhin: Creative Coding, Generative Art