Gymate’s Identity By Brand Brothers Is Subtly Playful

Posted inBranding & Identity Design

Brand Brothers recently worked with the private fitness studio Gymate to create a brand identity and visual system. The result is a system that’s highly focused on a geometric typeface that is over-pronounced and exaggerated. Plus, the limited color palette keeps the identity-focused and sharp, exactly how you should feel when working out. The simplicity allows this brand to be relatable to most, while the subtle typographic playfulness entices the rest. 

Gymate, whose first location opened in February 2022 in Paris (3rd arrondissement), are the first fully equipped private fitness spaces available on demand. Aimed at clients who want to train alone, with a coach or with friends, these refined and confidential spaces, whose architecture was designed by the DAS studio, are set to expand in France and Europe. Brand Brothers was called in to develop the graphic identity and visual system.

We designed a typogram based on geometric typefaces with a very large width and pronounced inktraps. The ‘G’ has the particularity of being completely closed in its center. This exaggerated stretching of the characters, evoking movement and effort, is found in the visual system, where the initial of Gymate is declined in different widths, forming the basis of a dynamic raw graphic system. This is combined with the NB National (Neubau, Berlin) typeface, and a limited color palette. The first variations were applied to a series of posters, the digital environment and the signage of the first space, rue Saint Martin.

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Brand Brothers