Hello World, Meet LA Developers’ Branding Redesign

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It only makes sense that a software development agency would take branding inspiration from coding language. LA Developers, a software development agency specializing in technology strategy, technology solutions, and technology execution, has done just that. With nods to the coding language throughout the entire identity, even the most beginner coders can appreciate consistency and dedication. Coding is an art form, and I stand firmly by that. This identity is strong, functional, creative, and will genuinely captivate anyone's attention.

LA Developers is a software development agency that specializes in technology strategy, technology solutions, and technology execution.

The new identity is inspired by coding language. Speaking to the industry and their target audience, aiming to deliver their brand message as well as feeling relevant and adaptable. It reflects the beauty and craft that lies within a generally overlooked and hidden world of software development.

Project Credits

Giovanni Bordé

Migue Martí