Logifaces Is An Analogue Game For Digital Minds

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Hungarian-based de_form agency created the branding for Logifaces, one of the most timeless and ageless games on the market. In a world where everyone is sucked into their phones, TVs, computers, etc., it's refreshing to find a game that takes our minds away from the digital and into the analog.

Adding a slight touch of geometric shapes into the logo is a simple nod to the game. The yellow packaging is fun and reminds me of the yellow hard hats seen around construction sites, making this into miniature construction sites fit for any tabletop. The branding system is thoughtful, simple, and truly fit for anyone of any demographic. Not only is it a game filled with endless possibilities, but it doubles as a quirky tabletop decoration. Imagine the pieces constantly begging to be reformed in the center of your coffee table: the perfect mindless escape that isn't just your trusty 'ole phone.

Project Credits


Product design: Planbureau

Packaging design: Planbureau & DE_FORM

Art Direction: DE_FORM – Eniko Deri, Nóra Demeczky

Branding: DE_FORM – Eniko Deri, Nóra Demeczky, Bertalan Bessenyey, Sára Vilma Nagy, Benedek Takács

Web developer: Bálint Zalkai

Photography: Máté Lakosa