Lumos Is A Healthcare Brand With A Joyful Identity Thanks To Landor & Fitch Australia

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Landor & Fitch Australia has created the identity for Lumos, an Australian-based healthcare company that’s focused on providing helpful information to patients through evidence-based deliverables and insights. Because the program has a new initiative, they needed a branding identity that would showcase its healthcare innovation while still being approachable, engaging, and joyful. Dots can be seen throughout the visual identity to represent the importance and hyperfocus of data points. The illustrations throughout the identity are minimal to represent the diversity of the people and communities within Australia. Healthcare-focused brands can often be stale, but this is an exception that showcases the positive impact that this brand enables for the patients they help.

NSW Health’s Lumos team created a groundbreaking initiative that aims to bring together patient information from across the general practice sector and the public health system. The vision of Lumos is to integrate health data to enable better care. Lumos delivers a unique evidence base about patient journeys that can be used to provide actionable insights and underpin patient-centred, efficient and effective care across the healthcare continuum.

As a new initiative, the program needed a way to engage and express itself, while showcasing its innovation in health. Our task was to create a unified brand strategy, name and identity for this pioneering project.

The power of data is at the heart of this brand, together with the insights and benefits it can bring. So what if we created a brand that could not exist without data? This was the thought that evolved from the brand idea of Illumination – an identity that could singly represent data, and collectively reveal outcomes.

Using the simplicity of dots as data, we created a joyful visual identity to showcase the positive impact this project enables for patient outcomes. We challenged ourselves with a limited colour palette to bring to life a collection of topics associated with the program from Aged Care to Mental, Aboriginal or Population Health.

For a brand so connected to human outcomes, we chose to bring humanity through a minimal illustration style, also based upon the notion of dots as data. Each illustration was carefully composed in its simplest form to represent the diversity of the people, communities and landscape of Australia.

Project Credits

Landor & Fitch Australia

Illustration – Cecilia Castelli