Pez y Mar’s Rebrand By Maniac Studio Would Absolutely Get Five Stars On Yelp

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Maniac Studio recently rebranded restaurant Pez Y Mar to reflect the soul of the eatery. The new logo, illustrations, and color palette reflect the mix of retro and classic vibes that the restaurant is loved for. Still, the fish illustration newly became a beautiful brand advocate. Everything about the new branding screams fresh, local, and fun, everything you could ask for from your favorite restaurant. 

We were commissioned by Pez y Mar to redesign its Brand Identity. Pez y Mar is a company specialized in seafood, with different restaurants and express kitchens located in Mérida, México.
For this project, our objective was to create an identity that is perceived as the evolution of a consolidated brand, capable of remaining up to date and adaptable.
For the brand mark, we took the recognizable visual element of Pez y Mar and redesigned it to make it iconic and the brand’s protagonist. The visual identity is fresh and friendly, it is harmonized by a reduced but versatile color palette that along with the typography conveys a slight retro and classic feeling.

Project Credits
Maniac Studio
Andrés Domínguez
Andrea Flores