Prospect Coffee Will Energize You With Their Branding Alone

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Prospect, a California-based specialty coffee roasting and retail company, has teamed up with design studio, Alter to create a brand identity that's buzzing with character and charm. The hand-drawn illustrations combined with the peppy color combinations of blush, coral, and a rainbow gradient make the brand feel like a long-lost best friend. Prospect passes the vibe check.

The identity we created for Prospect drew inspiration from the great legacy of American typographic branding. We were looking for a contemporary execution with an underlying sense of familiarity and character. Marr Sans by Commercial Type provided the perfect fit and works beautifully across a series of packages, each designed in a single size and weight.

To add dimension and tone we worked up a series of loose illustrations that eventually became a relaxed and welcoming thread throughout. They’re a kind of riff on how we imagine the Californian coffee experience. Pretty chill and super friendly. Right?