Saigon Is Raising The Noodle Bar

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Saigon Noodle Bar is a Vietnamese restaurant in Buenos Aires, and the two cultures intertwine to make up the new branding for the eatery. The bursts of red throughout add a jolt to an already lively identity, and the combination of red and green makes me instantly think that Saigon Noodle Bar isn't messing around when it comes to spice.

Inspired by the traditional Beuno's Aires "bodegones," the logo is hand-drawn and filled with character. This branding identity, created by Argentina-based Charco Studio, perfectly balances vintage characteristics with a modern twist. Now, please get me some chopsticks; I'm ready for noodles.

Saigon is a Vietnamese restaurant in Buenos Aires. After being in the business for 4 years and having 3 venues, they felt it was the time to do a rebranding and chose us to do it. We were in charge of redesigning the logo, menu, merch, packaging and social media communications.

Their first venue opened in 2016 in El Mercado de San Telmo, an iconic neighborhood with classic architecture.

We were inspired by Argentinian traditional signage, as well as Vietnamese. The logo was drawn by hand imitating the sign painted storefronts in Vietnam, and the menu was inspired by the rustic menues traditionally used in "bodegones" in Buenos Aires.

Project Credits

Creative Director: Martina Galarza

Lettering: Rob AlbaMartina Galarza

Illustration: Martina Galarza

Pattern design: Rob Alba

Photography: Magalí Polverino

Community Management: Agustina Fumiere