Tap Into Bretelles’ New Branding

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The branding in the maple-everything category has been untapped and untouched for decades. Sure, it's been consistent, but it was missing a high-end, well-designed product line.

Enter Bretelles, the brand with a new identity, designed by Montreal-based Polygraph, to make a shift in the industry. Each product has its own set of illustrated characters that speak to its characteristics and a distinct color for the label design. This brand is playful, eccentric and adds an enhanced identity to the maple category that was missing beforehand.

In recent decades, the marketing of maple products has changed little. In addition to a few high-end products in the gift category, the offer to consumers remained essentially the same. However, the maple category can offer so much more by highlighting its culinary and nutritional attributes and by offering products that use and enhance it.

With this new identity, Bretelles breaks the mold by creating a playful and unifying range of products highlighting the use of maple on a daily basis. Played by a series of characters who dress the containers, each of them offers ideas for accompaniments according to the product.

Project Credits

Polygraphe Studio