Realworld Makes Adulting Easier

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For young adults starting their professional careers, this new stage of life can be intimidating, with many new responsibilities and obligations that university and parents didn't prepare them for. Realworld is a platform aimed at helping these adults with a visual identity that is approachable, playful, but communicative and clear in objective.

"Evolving the brand identity, story, and website for a company committed to simplifying adulthood by empowering young people to make smart, informed choices.

Imagine having instant access to the information you need to successfully navigate everything from finance and healthcare to renting your first apartment. Meet Realword – a comprehensive, personalized platform – built from expert research and insights from those who’ve been there and conquered that – designed to simplify adulthood and make life’s transitions easier.

The tagline design features a connecting line that illustrates how Realworld connects its customers to information and one another.

The logotype includes unique eclectic details by mixing upper and lower letterforms that add to its warmth and approachability.

Custom illustrations representing the app offerings are compelling visual stories of the ups, downs, and realities of navigating adulthood.

Bold color, playful animations, and engaging illustrations make subjects like finance, healthcare, and benefits easier to digest, more engaging, and reflective of the brand’s playful, authentic personality.

A passion for the vintage and playful, balanced by authenticity and trust inspires the brand design.

Site content is organized to speak directly to Realworld’s core audiences – young adults looking for trusted resources, parents and relatives who want to help empower loved ones, businesses who want to help early-career talent thrive, and universities who want to help young alumni excel in an ever-changing real world.

The mark and submark are two distinct interpretations of the world – one, an illustration that nods to retro pixelated graphics; the other makes clever use of the brand name.

Sticker-inspired graphic elements invoke nostalgia and a sense of witty irreverence and can be layered with photography to create bulletin-board style designs."