Redesigning the Care Economy

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In late March, President Joe Biden announced his American Jobs Plan heavily focused on rehabbing the country’s dated infrastructure.

The document contains the usual suspects that are direly needed—building bridges. Ensuring access to clean drinking water. Modernizing schools.

But there is one proviso that has proven problematic for some:

Solidify the infrastructure of our care economy by creating jobs and raising wages and benefits for essential home care workers.

As co-host Mark Kingsley says in this episode, “It introduces a semantic term which has been a problem for a lot of people. … Since brands are one way in which we kind of frame the world and build associations with the objects that surround us and the objects that are between us, there is a branding issue with the care economy for a certain part of our population. And it’s worth poking at. It’s really worth examining, and having a conversation about these associations.”

And in this episode, the hosts do exactly that.

Give it a listen right here in your browser:

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SVA Masters in Branding program // Music courtesy of Mikel Rouse // Dr. Tom Guarriello // Mark Kingsley