Riverside Studios is Where Creativity Constantly Flows and Moiré Patterns Come to Life

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Riverside Studios is a place where creativity can come to life. It's a home for theatre, dance, film, television, comedy, music, and the arts as a whole. Superunion was tasked with creating the iconic branding for a place rich with creative convergences and did a fantastic job of bringing it to life. The branding system is thoughtfully in black and white, allowing the art within the walls to produce the color. The typography features patterns that enhance the branding system and bring a sense of life to the system.

Riverside Studios, located on the banks of the River Thames in West London, is a place where art and communities come together to discover, take part in and enjoy extraordinary arts and entertainment. It's a place where art has the power to change lives. To make a difference.

Originally an iron foundry, Riverside became a film studio in the 1930s, later on a space to house the BBC Studios, and since then has been a boundary-pushing home for a confluence of theatre, film, dance, television, comedy and music. Over the years, Riverside has welcomed figures including Yoko Ono and Samual Beckett, Amy Winehouse and Margaret Atwood, Vanessa Redgrave and David Bowie – an ever-evolving, constant stream of inspiration in which creativity and community flow.

But while Riverside's creativity has continued to flourish and evolve, its home, the space of Riverside Studios, remained unchanged and risked falling out of step with the choices and experiences of modern Londoners, and the fabric of the city renowned for its bold and innovative spirit.

When Riverside was reaching the completion of venue redevelopment, it created an opportunity to launch a new brand for the destination that will capture its iconic heritage for a new generation.

To create a brand with a story at its heart, we embraced the extraordinary history and creativity that Riverside Studios opened to the world, and the spirit of its people, talent, neighbourhoods, and its home city of London.

We defined an idea for the brand as a place where creativity flows, as a free-flowing confluence of extraordinary arts and entertainment, a place that brings culture and communities together.

The identity pays homage to Riverside's TV heritage and the flowing movement of the river, with a mesmeric series of moiré patterns, reminiscent of the visual effect of television screens.

Each pattern is created from two sets of vertical lines overlapping to create a distinctive ethereal moiré effect, as an artistic reinterpretation of the way light hits water.

The brand is intentionally pared back, in black and white, with colour coming from the rich and diverse content of the studios, to allow creativity within the space to take centre stage.

The patterns feature typography and are animated for Riverside Studios' cinema screen, TV studio screens, digital and online platforms. They are designed to frame the diversity of content showcased on the Riverside screens, much like the broadcast idents that enhance brand prominence throughout the venue.

Even printed and environment communications are animated, for example, the patrons' members card comes in an acetate slipcase and as the card is pulled out from the case, the two sets of lines pass over each other to create the moiré effect.

Riverside Studios opened its doors in spring 2020. It is now a brand-new complex of flexible performance and workspaces with a state-of-the-art TV studio, a cinema and screening room open for all event and rehearsal spaces, bars and restaurants as well as a gallery and a display of Riverside archives that span its remarkable history. With over 650,000 visitors, 1,000 artists, 1,000 community members, 300 live performances, 150 TV shows and 100 films a year, Riverside Studios continues to make extraordinary arts accessible for all, bringing communities and arts together.

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