Saint Theo’s Makes Your Classic Italian Restaurant Look Bland In Comparison

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Italian restaurants are already so filled with character, between the chefs, the drinks, the pasta, it’s hard to look past it. Saint Theo’s, though, is a restaurant that’s an ode to Italian modernism with branding designed by Savvy Studio.

The identity is inspired by the aesthetics of graphic posters from Italian modernism, which can be seen through the color choices, the typography, and the overall vibe of the eatery. So while most Italian restaurants have a lot of character, I’d beg that Saint Theo’s takes it a bit further in the best possible way. 

Saint Theo’s is the epitome of celebration of life, an ode to Italian modernism, it is a real place for fun and enjoyment that brings back the fabulousness of going out to dinner. Relying heavily on Italy as a source of inspiration, the menu is delightfully diverse – cherry tomato spaghettini, tuna crudo, a Venetian-style cuttlefish in ink, and berries with whipped cream for dessert – it’s a grand tour of Italy, from the laid-back sophistication of seaside joints like Le Sirenuse and Il Pellicano, and the palazzo cafés and bácaris of Venice.

The identity is inspired by the aesthetics and graphic posters from Italian modernism and also by the joyous approach to food intrinsecal to Italy, translating this into a modern and fun way through the playfulness of mixing different sizes and weights in typography. This risky blend depicts beauty from a new angle, where shapes and forms are both independently interesting and great composition altogether.

Adding a nostalgic nod to the interiors, the walls are decorated in vintage Pirelli calendars from the 1990s and early 2000s—as well as Venice Biennale posters. Speckled terrazzo adorns the bar and Murano glass fixtures are prominently featured. There is also a semi-private room with colourful light details from stained glass windows.

Project Credits

Savvy Studio